In development

Opéra Techno Rap – 10 x 26 min, in coproduction with Tita B, developed by France TV en 2019.

From the opening of the gates to the dismantling of the stages, immerse yourself in the backstage of a music festival, the delirious and aptly named: TEUFORAMAXX.

From techno to rap, including trap, hard house, electro clash, acidcore, trip hop: TEUFORAMAXX allows one to see and hear a panorama of French creation. A modern musical, whose demanding, dark but dancing musicality echoes the complexity of today’s world and the bitterness of disappointed love…

Experience the festival through the eyes of the organizers, programmers, producers, artists, pop stars, rappers, technicians, volunteers, and fans – a night where everything changes and everything goes wrong. Adrenaline, joy, laughs, desires, betrayals and big fuckups!